HR Management

In today’s competitive business environment, companies must find a balance between attracting, motivating and retaining high quality talent while maintaining controls over labor costs.  Achieving this balance requires human resources leadership that combines comprehensive business management competencies with leading edge HR skill sets, knowledge, processes and technologies.

The HR Challenge:

It’s no secret that large corporations are able to leverage substantial resources to secure top-level talent, technologies, and processes to drive comprehensive and effective HR initiatives. But with more limited resources, many small to mid-sized companies are often required to settle for only parts of the equation.

Until now…

             …..enter Concept One’s HR consulting, management and/or outsourced HR services

The Solution: Outsourced HR Management

Concept One is able to provide its clients with a full menu of HR leadership and management solutions to unlock their full business potential, support goals, and provide peace of mind around regulatory compliance. And our services are available at a price point that is typically less than the cost of hiring an in-house HR Manager or Director, providing our clients with Fortune 500 capabilities that fit into a small to mid-sized budget.

Strategic Alignment

      • Strategy Deployment / Business Planning
      • Organizational Design / Workforce Planning
      • Lean Conversion / Six Sigma / Lean HR
      • Compensation & Benefits Management
      • Employer Branding / Engagement

Talent Management

      • Recruiting & Onboarding
      • Training & Development
      • Performance Management
      • Leadership Development
      • Talent Review / Succession Planning

HR Administration

      • Regulatory Compliance
      • HR Systems / Recordkeeping
      • Benefits Administration
      • Leave Management
      • FMLA, ADA, Worker’s Compensation, etc.


HR Focused Solutions

At Concept One, we deliver human resource solutions and as a business process outsource partner to a select group of clientele. As a benefit to this limited group of clients*, in addition to HR-focused solutions, we are also able to provide a wide range of additional, value add business solutions to drive improved top-level and operational business management.

*To ensure top-quality service and attention, we provide outsourced HR Management services to a select and limited group of clients.

Contact us at (623) 582-1578 or email Concept One to inquire about HR outsourced availability and/or your human resource department cost savings options.

Concept One offers HR management, consulting and outsourced HR services