It’s all about results!

Transform your Human Resources function from a cost center to a revenue multiplier!

In today’s competitive business environment companies must find a balance between attracting, motivating and retaining high quality talent and maintaining controls over labor costs. Achieving this balance requires Human Resources leadership that combines comprehensive business management competencies with leading edge HR skill sets, knowledge, processes and technologies.

At Concept One, we provide results-oriented business solutions, high-impact Human Resource programs and tools, and professional services for a select group of businesses, organizations, and individuals, ultimately empowering them to achieve a higher level of performance in all aspects of life.

We accomplish this by committing ourselves to providing effective leadership, outstanding service and creative innovation, designed to meet the needs of our clients in an honest, pro-active and responsible manner.

Examples of (many) successful business outcomes driven by our staff include:

Increased HR service levels and rationalized headcount through complete re‐build of HR departments, structures, processes, systems, and teams and application of Lean HR.

Improved operations metrics 20-75% from enhanced business planning, strategic alignment, lean conversion/six-sigma, root-cause analysis and countermeasure implementation.

Reduced HR administrative time costs 30-75% through application of Lean HR principles and process improvements allowing increased focus on value-add HR initiatives.

Aligned compensation strategies and balanced labor costs through development of compensation structures, benchmarking, grading, competency-based pay, direct/indirect cash and variable incentive plans.

Reduced time‐to‐fill 50%, short‐term turnover by 80% and increased high-potential talent funnel by 50% by streamlining recruiting, onboarding, & talent management programs.

At Concept One we understand the business of your business is $$$ (profitability). We also understand your people and teams are the ones who ultimately drive that profitability. We are here to assist you in achieving the right balance to maximize your business success.

Give us a call to explore how you can leverage your Human Resources functions to drive business results.